Fox spell

The book fox spell is about a boy who is becoming obsessed with foxes and he thinks that the foxes are putting a spell on his family. He has two big sisters one is named Charm she is really artistic and crafty and the other one is called  Dalise. He lives with his grandma and the rest of his family except for his dad because he went away for a job.

the boys name is Tod. Today older sister charm is also at a new school in a new state. There is this boy at her school who really likes her and she was going to see him the next day but she is not sure if she likes him.

grandma lives in adilade that’s where they moved to. Grandma has chickens and every night the chickens get scared because the foxes try to eat them but Tod and grandma try to keep them out by upgrading the chicken house.

Across the road there is this family called the breakers. The breakers are a family who do graffiti. They took over a brand new train and did graffitti all over it. The thing I like about this book is that it is very discriptive. I also like that it has animals in it. The thing i dont like is that the chickens get hurt. I would recomend this book for children 9+ and rate it 8/10.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!

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